Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wanted to let you all know that I have made a blog on FB just a group to share your ideas and meet new girls that also like to Recycle trash to treasure hope that you will join us all since I am not the worlds greatest blogger here is the link
I hope the link works if not you can find me I go by
Jen Shott Steele 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thrifting find for today

Well headed to town this evening to get some needed things at the grocery store since were suppose to get hit with snow and he let me go to the GW I love that man....
Anyways there she was sitting on the shelf I have never seen one this big it measures 15 in across and for only $3 so of course she came home with me without a doubt in my mind that she will be well loved hanging on the wall with many other old finds!!!
Anyone else have one this big?
Thank you for looking and always HUGS from Ohio can not wait to hear if anyone else has one or has even saw one this big!!!  I even asked the elderly women standing beside me if she ever seen one this big and she told me not he told me it was rim for a spare tire bahahaha....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chicken Bacon Ranch lasagna roll ups

Not sure about any of you bu I like to just take things I have in the freezer and throw it all together my kids always tell me they love it when I do it so here is what I chose to make for dinner this evening and oh my was it yummmmmmmmy!!!

1 1/2 lbs of boneless chk tenderloins
2 jar of ragu alfredo sauce
1 lg purple onion
can of mushrooms
block of cream cheese
3/4 cup of ranch dressing
1 bag of shredded cheese
Box of lasagna noodles
Approx half bag of real bacon bits unless you choose to make your own

Ok I blanched the lasagna noodles, while I was boiling chicken, boil chicken approx 20 min then I shredded it, I sauteed the onions and mushrooms in a spoon-full of butter I then added to the shredded chicken mix well then i added ranch dressing, block of cream cheese and half of the shredded cheese mix well again.
Lay your noodles out and spread 2 spoon-fulls of mixture and roll up
I layered my 9x13 baker with Reynolds wrap so it is easy to clean up
Spread enough Alfredo sauce to cover bottom to prevent sticking 
Place your roll-ups in pan seem side down then take remaining sauce and pour over top cover with Reynolds wrap
Bake 350 for 1 hour
I then used the remainder of cheese and topped them off wow they were a hit we loved them!
Hope you all enjoy it is hard for me to give a recipe because I just eye things rarely measure when cooking lol
Thanks for looking and hugs...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Decorating the kitchen

Well I finally am getting to all of those boxes that are in need of unpacking well maybe not to all of them but I got a good start just wanted to upload pics of how I decorated the kitchen was going to re-paint the pumpkin orange wall as I call it but I sorta like the color now with my decor plz let me know your opinion does it look to busy should I take down some of it???

Thank you for looking and plz feel free to leave a comment it will not hurt my feelings I just want some feedback if I did ok?

Wine rack I used to display my rolling pins

Once the weather warms up I do plan to take the island cart thingy outside was going to get rid of it but may keep it an paint it black

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas 2011

Well I have finally uploaded my pictures I have everything that is going to get decorated for this year just moving out here in September to the farm boxes are everywhere in the basement and well digging thru them just to find this stuff was a chore.  We still have alot of work to do in the house like all the flooriing and painting the walls I am not real fond of the 2 walls that are painted some orange color then my ugly marlite bathroom which I may decorate up a lil for Christmas also!
Hope you enjoy my home it may not be all sparkly and glamorous like allot of homes at Christmas but is what I enjoy and to me it is warm and cozy!
Don't those speaker wires look just wonderful grr but he has to have the surround system
I keep her out all year around hope to find time to finish making my jello mold ones to hang on the tree as well to match her!

Vintage scale I picked up at the antique mall a long time ago and a friend gave me this beautiful bowl I hand dipped all my pine cones in cinnamon an vanilla wax they smell so lovely

My wrought iron sleigh I picked up at a yard sale over the summer

Love my santa's but don't have enough room to display them hopefully I will get the rest of my decor hung then I can display them next Christmas

My make do mantel oh how I would love to have a fireplace again but have to settle with a wood burner in the basement and it keeps us warm and cozy

Love my star

Old bucket I found at my sisters neighbors when they moved wanted my tree in it but the regular tree was too big and my small one did not look right so I thru some burlap down on the bottom added some pine garland and voila may need to add some berries if I can find more

Kissing Mr and Mrs Clause had to come out
Last but not least I decorated my kitchen island I use my plate rack stand to display my vintage strainers just filled them with pine and berries a few old ornaments and pine cones I collected thru the yard
Thank you for visiting and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Christmas Misfits left at GW

These are my little treasures I found while out thrifting at the GW just could not leave them on the shelf!

I actually had to argue with my son on the way home because he thought I bought him the lil red car NOT I told him it was my toy but had to let him know he could play with it after Christmas!!!
Using it to hold my Christmas cards

Elf and Santa were each a $1
Last thing I found was a bag of those not so pretty gold angels that are plastic there were 18 in the bag and I only paid $2 so they also came home with me gave them a coat of white paint glittered them added some tinsel for a halo and a little pink rose now those misfit angels I think turned out pretty!  And will each hang off a plate of homemade cookies and candy as gifts!

Hope you enjoyed my thrifting as much as I did if I could I would go everyday...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snowflake Wreath

I was bored this evening so I decided to make a wreath for my sister for Christmas when I was visiting her the other day she had this ugly poinsettia swag thing on her door I was like that has to go her porch looks so adorable with the wooden snowman and the light pole I made her ages ago she loves when I make her things that no one else has!!!
I used one large snowflake from the dollar store, 3 packs of smaller snowflakes a package of doilies and 2 packs of Jolee.s snowflake stickers so it cost about $10 to make it I want to give it to her early but I shall wait!
If you have any questions how I made it drop me a line I hot glued everything in layers
Thank you for looking and Hugs from Ohio...