Thursday, January 5, 2012

Decorating the kitchen

Well I finally am getting to all of those boxes that are in need of unpacking well maybe not to all of them but I got a good start just wanted to upload pics of how I decorated the kitchen was going to re-paint the pumpkin orange wall as I call it but I sorta like the color now with my decor plz let me know your opinion does it look to busy should I take down some of it???

Thank you for looking and plz feel free to leave a comment it will not hurt my feelings I just want some feedback if I did ok?

Wine rack I used to display my rolling pins

Once the weather warms up I do plan to take the island cart thingy outside was going to get rid of it but may keep it an paint it black


  1. I think it looks great.
    Love the idea of using a wine holder for displaying the rolling pins.

    I agree painting the cabinet black would tie it all together, since your shelves and picture frames are black.
    Or if you like the contrast of the white, you could paint the frames and shelves white.
    IMO, either way would look good.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm a big fan of STUFF, and the more the better for me! I love all you collected treasure and how you artfully displayed them. The cart is great, but the black might be too heavy and darken the room. But you decide, after all, if you don't like it you can always paint it again!

  3. WOW!!! So glad I found this place!
    The rolling pins in the wine rack is awesome.
    You are such an inspiration!!
    Thanks for sharing

  4. What a great collection of vintage treasures. Love it! laurie

  5. I once had a giant wall of vintage saws, hammers, tools, etc in a previous house and it looked great so go for it. It makes for great conversation.

  6. Love all your displays! Your kitchen looks wonderful!

  7. I love all of your vintage touches! Perfect!