Thursday, May 26, 2011

Toot for me...

Okay blondy here just figured out how to change my blog thank you to The Background Fairy site i tried and tried to change it to something other then what you had to choose from and yipeee I did it!!!!
Now just to figure out how to grab buttons on blogs and add them off to do some research!
Then may go thrifting today is half off day at the Hospice Browse and Buy have a great day...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

JUNKWILD necklace giveaway...

If you have never checked out JUNKWILD your have to get over there she has a wonderful blog and I love her Key necklaces!!!  Also she is giving away one to one lucky gal crossing my fingers its me!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Vignette on table

Was digging in the basement and decided to spruce up the kitchen table a lil, I found the big round turn about at the goodwill for $2 gave it a quick sanding and sprayed it white sanded again and used some dark stain, then took all my scrapping scissors out of the lil basket I had and sprayed it black.    Diggin thru some more I come across  the salt and pepper shakers that were grandmas and the grater added a candle and viola.  Now to keep the table clean instead of crafting!!!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful week here in Ohio rain and cold, was lovin last week warm and sunny been painting treasures from thrifting hope to get a few pics uploaded!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goodwill find...

Wow did I ever score today at the goodwill I bought her for $4 bucks, brought her home gave her a quick spray of paint because it didn't have any paint or sealer, so then mixed up some raw umber paint and a little water gave her a quick coat let her sit for a few minutes then wiped her off!!
Oh I just love her want to decorate her up with some of my grandmas old jewelry and enjoy her sitting on my dresser.

Rose pins...

Okay I finally figured out how to add a picture there are so many tutorials out there on the flowers so I am just adding some pics of what I did for the Red Hat Ladies 13yrs of gatherings.  Made 70 of them for less then $10.00
What you will need is napkins of any color, glitter glue, hot glue gun, leaf punch and circle punch and pin backs.
All I did was cut the napkins in half then in half again so I ended up getting 4 roses out of 1 napkin, I then took 2 pieces and glued them together to make one long piece.
Start rolling I glued the center then started twisting rolling and pinching and gluing every inch or so.  Was pretty simple and made a great little gift for each of the ladies.
You can use crepe paper, ribbon, material scraps just about anything you have really!
Now I know I have to get better on my pics but until I figure out everything  hope you can not laugh too much!!! LOL