Monday, May 16, 2011

New Vignette on table

Was digging in the basement and decided to spruce up the kitchen table a lil, I found the big round turn about at the goodwill for $2 gave it a quick sanding and sprayed it white sanded again and used some dark stain, then took all my scrapping scissors out of the lil basket I had and sprayed it black.    Diggin thru some more I come across  the salt and pepper shakers that were grandmas and the grater added a candle and viola.  Now to keep the table clean instead of crafting!!!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful week here in Ohio rain and cold, was lovin last week warm and sunny been painting treasures from thrifting hope to get a few pics uploaded!!!


  1. Sweet!
    New follower!
    Good luck on the giveaway!
    Junk Wild

  2. What a sweet little vignette for your table!Love those old S&P shakers. Saw your comment on Maddi Lumpkin's blog where you mentioned you were from OH. I live in Dayton, so you're not close enough to be a junking buddy! LOL
    There is a group of us Buckeye Bloggers that gets together occasionally for food and shopping! Barn sales, book signings, etc. We love our "junque."
    :-) Sue
    p.s. While trying to comment, I saw that you have word verification enabled. Did you know you can disable it? By default, Blogger puts it on. :-)

  3. So beautifully assembled! I especially like the way the vintage grater looks in the ensemble!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17