Thursday, June 9, 2011

Old Farm Table

I salvaged this from my grandparents basement they were gonna toss it in the dumpster after they passed away, I was told the wood is hickory but I have no idea and the top has some rust debating on taking the old metal top off and using it as a scrap-booking table or would you repaint the top back to original look?
The only bummer is the drawer was missing but I am thinking of just making it look like a draw since I really don't have the tools to make one!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Would you buy it? ~Vintage Baby Bed

Found this great treasure out thrifting for $10 should I leave it alone or repaint her up??  I have no clue of the history of it so if any one knows I would like to know about what year it is if it was just called a crib or what?
Still have to find a foam mattress for it and I want to make a pretty bedding set to go inside once I decide on the colors I want the spare bedroom done in!!!
I linked up to the Wednesday Would you buy it...