Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Misfits left at GW

These are my little treasures I found while out thrifting at the GW just could not leave them on the shelf!

I actually had to argue with my son on the way home because he thought I bought him the lil red car NOT I told him it was my toy but had to let him know he could play with it after Christmas!!!
Using it to hold my Christmas cards

Elf and Santa were each a $1
Last thing I found was a bag of those not so pretty gold angels that are plastic there were 18 in the bag and I only paid $2 so they also came home with me gave them a coat of white paint glittered them added some tinsel for a halo and a little pink rose now those misfit angels I think turned out pretty!  And will each hang off a plate of homemade cookies and candy as gifts!

Hope you enjoyed my thrifting as much as I did if I could I would go everyday...

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