Thursday, December 1, 2011

The UGLY coffee table from Hospice

This little table has been sitting for months at the Hospice Browse and Buy and well with everyone re-doing tables I wanted to give it a try pretty proud of the way it turned out it only cost me $3 had the paint and I used my Making Memories and Stampin Up stamps to decorate it
Sorry for the bad pics but I use my phone because I have misplaced my camera since the move
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  1. Okay I tried to upload her button and that is what the foreign language is not sure what I did wrong I copied and pasted it??

  2. Hi...thanks for stopping by. I do not have my blog connected to the email feed. Sorry. But if you do the followers, you will be able to see my posts. I love my Blogroll...on the side of my blog. That way it shows every day when a new post is up on the blogs I love to read.
    You did an amazing job on the table. So nice to meet you...I will visit again!!

  3. sweet. i would never have even looked at a table like that twice.

    barbara jean

  4. fabulous table! what a makeover!