Friday, April 22, 2011

My first post...

Okay well I have played around and still not sure what I am doing I so want pretty backgrounds like everyone else has!!!
Any suggestions???
I was thrilled to see I have 3 followers and I have not posted a darn thing, only because I just figured out how to do it!  Ya I am a true blonde.
Thank you for being so patient with me I am going to play all weekend to see what I can come up with plus I have been making roses out of napkins for my mom who does the red hat ladies this is there 13 yr and she wanted a lil favor for each so I made rose pins!
Hope to be able to figure out how to post the pics and tutorial..


  1. Congratulations on your new blog. I too had no idea where to start last December. Once you get going it is very easy and great fun. Enjoy. I laughed reading your second post. I too came across this blog last Friday 'making your own bakers twine'.

  2. Now you have 4!! :)

    Thanks for comin' on over to my blog, I just started at the beginning of the year myself. I'm finding it to really be alot of fun!


  3. Just dive right in and play with all the settings. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You're off to a great start :)

    Junky Vagabond Jill

  4. i just used a blogger background but then i created a header in photoshop and used that good luck

  5. I just found your blog. Love the name, perfectly witty. I just started blogging in June and am slowly getting the hang of it. It sure can be fun to share.
    Karen G